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Terms and Conditions Eazzypark

Article 1: Definitions:
1.1. GENERAL CONDITIONS: these General Terms and Conditions.
1.2. EAZZYPARK: user of these conditions, the company that receives, parks, and delivers the traveller’s car.
1.3. CUSTOMER: any natural or legal person who negotiates with Eazzypark to the conclusion of an agreement and / or enter into an agreement with Eazzypark. Eazzypark and Customer are hereinafter sometimes collectively referred to as “Parties”.
1.4. PARKING PERIOD: the period in which the vehicle of the Customer is parked. This is the period between the effective date (including this date) and the end date (including this date) of parking.
1.5. PARK AGREEMENT: the agreement to park the Customer’s car on behalf of the Customer at payment of a fee.

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all agreements between the Customer and Eazzypark. The agreement is established at the time an order confirmation signed by the Customer and Eazzypark is received by Eazzypark. The order confirmation is based on information provided by the Customer to Eazzypark upon booking, including arrival and departure time, and the data of the Customer’s vehicle. The order confirmation is deemed to reflect the agreement correctly and completely.
2.2. The agreement replaces and supersedes any previous proposals, correspondence, agreements or other communications, written or verbal.
2.3. When signing the parking agreement the keys are handed over and the Customer agrees to the parking of their vehicle by Eazzypark, and that Eazzypark returns the car to the Customer close to the arrivals hall upon return of the Customer.
2.4. The agreement is valid for said parking period as mentioned in the agreement, after which it is automatically terminated.
2.5. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be destroyed, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply. In the aforementioned case, the parties shall enter into negotiations to reach agreement on an alternative provision that will approximate the original stipulation as much as possible.
2.6. Applicability of which the Customer’s General Terms and Conditions are expressly rejected and are expressly not part of the agreement.
2.7. Any deviations from these Conditions must be in writing and are valid only insofar as they are accepted in writing by Eazzypark.

3.1. Bookings: Customer can book a parking service by making a booking in which arrival and return times must be indicated. Customer may at any time, until one hour before the start of the parking period, make a booking for the parking service. Bookings within one hour before the start of the parking period can only be made through telephone consultations at 040-2870007.
3.2. Non acceptance: Eazzypark has the right to not to accept bookings without giving any reason.
3.3. Payment: On the site or at departure of Customer payment will take place in cash or by debit card payment.
3.4. Cancellations within 24 hours: Customer has the right to cancel the booking free of charge, provided at least 24 hours before the agreed departure time (or drop-off time of the vehicle).
3.5. Cancel after 24 hours: If cancellation occurs after 24 hours before the agreed departure, Eazzypark is entitled to charge the full amount of the booking by the Customer.
3.6. No show: If the Customer has not cancelled the booking, but nevertheless does not appear (no show), Eazzypark is also entitled to charge the full amount of the booking by the Customer.

4.1. Parking: On arrival the car keys should be issued to Eazzypark.
4.2. Returns: The Customer must inform Eazzypark to the appropriate phone number when they have landed. The vehicle and the keys are returned to the Customer after showing a copy of the parking agreement and valid identification that shows that the parking agreement was entered into by Customer. Eazzypark reserves the right to make a photocopy of the identification. Eazzypark reserves the right to not issue the vehicle for the Customer, if the above documents cannot be submitted.
4.3. Delay: The return flight mentioned in the booking, unless not known in advance, determines the set of vehicle ready when you return. Eazzypark has an obligation to make the vehicle of the customer ready on arrival, however it is possible that Customer has to wait upon returning the vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances. Eazzypark cannot be held responsible for this. The Customer is obliged to notify when a different return flight is taken.
4.4. Wait: There is a standard waiting period included in the rates. In case of delay, no additional redundancy will be charged by Eazzypark.
4.5. By signing the agreement on return, the Customer confirms to the vehicle is in similar condition as it was at assuming the vehicle.
4.6. Complaints about the service of Eazzypark, including alleged damages, must be listed on the contract by the Customer or the driver at the time of returning the vehicle (at once). Eazzypark cannot process your complaint otherwise.
4.7. Lodging a complaint does not relieve the Customer from his obligation to pay.

5.1. Customer shall:
A. ensure that all equipment (electronics) is turned off. Eazzypark will only make use of the electronics that are required for moving the vehicle (such as lighting, mirror adjustment, seat). If the vehicle of the Customer does not start, Eazzypark will take no action to start the vehicle unless the Customer wishes. The risk is with the Customer who has commissioned Eazzypark.
B. that no valuables in are left behind inside the car.
C. ensure that the vehicle is sufficiently insured during the booking period.
D. express any present damage and / or other (technical) flaws of the vehicle to the driver who takes the vehicle. Failing to do this will lapse complaint of related damages.
E. ensure themselves upon returning of the vehicle that the vehicle is in similar condition is as it was in when handing over the vehicle. Alleged damages must be stated on the contract.

A. Eazzypark is obliged and entitled to park the cars of Customers.
B. Eazzypark is obliged upon request of the Customer to show his driver’s license and identification.
C. Eazzypark is authorized to make changes in the car, including the position of the seat and mirrors, which are necessary for safe operation of the vehicle.
D. Eazzypark is obliged to deal carefully with the personal data obtained in connection with the booking or otherwise in accordance with the Data Protection Act Registration.
E. Eazzypark commits to have qualified and competent staff to park the vehicle of the Customer (Ekkersrijt Son en Breugel). Eazzypark commits to performing this work in a proper manner. This means that employees of Eazzypark have been in possession of a valid driving license for at least two years, can submit a certificate of good conduct, pausing sufficiently during the work, and to not take any stimulants (including alcoholic beverages) twelve hours before and during the work.

7.1. Damages can only be taken into consideration if the Customer has pictures of an undamaged car beforehand and the damage afterwards. This is under the condition that the aforementioned photos were taken in the presence of one of our drivers.
7.2. For direct or indirect damages, including consequential loss, immaterial damage, injury, loss of profits and / or environmental damage caused by (goods) of the Customer or third parties, by any demonstrable incomplete or improper implementation of the work of Eazzypark, Eazzypark is only liable in case of intent or deliberate recklessness.
7.3. Notwithstanding paragraph 2 of this article, Customers with a damage insurance must prioritize and use its damage insurance if that option open.
7.4. Notwithstanding paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article, Eazzypark is not liable for damage to the vehicle during the service, or for loss or reduction of no-claim discount and / or reduction of bonus-malus discount on the car insurance of the Customer.
5.7. When Eazzypark has any liability, and in law would be established that Eazzypark is obliged to compensate any damage, the damage to be compensated will then be limited to the amount paid in the relevant case under Eazzypark’s (liability) insurance, plus the deductible under the insurance contract on behalf of Eazzypark.
7.6. Subject to closing paragraph 4 of this Article, Eazzypark rules out liability with respect to (damage by), theft, embezzlement or burglary before, during or after the parking period.
7.7. The Customer indemnifies Eazzypark against all claims arising from and / or related to the activities performed by Eazzypark.
7.8. The part of the contract that is intended for recording existing damage when assuming the vehicle (“arrival”) is not legally binding.

8.1. A shortcoming of Eazzypark will not be attributed to them if Eazzypark is in a situation of force majeure. Eazzypark is therefore not liable for any damage as referred to in Article 7 paragraph 2, which is caused by or in any way related to a force majeure on the side of Eazzypark.
2.8. Force majeure includes any circumstance beyond the control of Eazzypark, which temporarily or permanently prevents fulfilment of the Parking Agreement which not under the law, nor the standards of reasonableness and fairness, should come at the risk of Eazzypark. Among other things this means: strikes, vandalism, power failure, fire, explosion, flood, lightning or a failure of auxiliaries.

9.1. All legal relationships between Eazzypark and the Customer are subject to Dutch law. All disputes arising out of or related to the legal relationship between the parties, where these terms and conditions apply to, shall be submitted to the competent court in the district where Eazzypark is located, unless provisions of mandatory law prescribe otherwise.
9.2. Changes: Changes in the contract can be agreed in writing between the parties.

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