Affordable parking service near the airport

Are you flying from Eindhoven Airport? With Eazzypark you can park cheaply and safely. You can choose:

  • the Valet service,
  • our Shuttle service,
  • short and long terms and
  • extra services.

Current Rates

Our rates vary based on availability. Around the holidays, the airport gets very busy. The earlier you book, the more favourable the rate.

Here’s how to view the current rates for Valet and Shuttle service: Choose a start and end date in the online booking form, and click on ‘View Price & Book’.


Cleaning service

While you are traveling, you can have us completely clean and polish your car. If you do, your car will be like new when you return. You can select these additional services with your booking.


Cleaning Service
Exterior cleaning – € 30,00

  • Completely scratch-free wash
  • Rim cleaning
  • Shampoo treatment
  • Cleaning door jambs
  • Drying


VIP superpolish
Extensive exterior cleaning – € 59.95

  • Extensive wax treatment
  • Rim cleaning
    Full vacuuming and shampoo treatment of interior
    Cleaning door jambs
    Separate cleaning of car windows
    Cleaning car mats
    Power polish treatment
Ozone treatment odour control – € 79.95

We tackle stubborn unpleasant odours with ionisation equipment. Results: a permanently clean atmosphere in the car. We tackle these smells:

  • Smoke and/or fire smell
  • Mould after leakage
  • Spilling food in the car
  • Vomiting in the car
  • Gasoline smell (in case of spilling jerry can)
  • Perspiration air from the previous owner
  • Scented air conditioning