How does Eazzypark work?

Gratis vervoer van Eindhoven airport met shuttle service.

Gratis vervoer van Eindhoven airport met shuttle service.

Valet service

When you make your reservation through our website, we are aware of the date and time of your departure and arrival.

When you are about 20 minutes away from the airport, you call +31 40-287 00 07. You will then drive to our private valet parking lot. This is located at the Luchthavenweg 61.

Arriving at Eindhoven Airport, you take the first right turn at the roundabout. After 100 meters you will see the building ‘The Haviland building’ on your right hand side (the second entrance with barriers), we will be waiting for you there.

Our driver will be waiting for you. The driver can be identified by his outfit with our logo. You will hand over your car and key to the driver, who then drives your car onto our secured and fenced parking lot.

At the day of your return, you will call us after you pick up your luggage. If you took a business trip and have no luggage, you will call us right after landing.

We will be waiting with your car at the arrivals hall, where we will personally hand over your car.

Our driver can also help with your luggage.

Shuttle service

If you chose to use our shuttle service, you will drive your car to the Luchthavenweg 61, only 60 meters away from the departure hall at Eindhoven Airport.

The Eazzypark employee will help with your luggage and you can check in at the departure hall.

When returning to Eindhoven Airport, you will call us right after picking up your luggage. We will make sure that our driver is waiting at the arrivals hall with our Eazzypark shuttle bus, to drive you to your car. Did you take a business trip without luggage? Call us right after landing, so that our driver will be ready on time.